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We Started to Serve

In June 2013, Tema Teknoloji A.Ş. We started to serve our country by establishing. In 2018, Tema Teknoloji A.Ş. We have added the construction and food sector to İmProMatch Yazılım A.Ş. to do the software development business. we established our company.

We Develop Useful Software for Our Country

We develop software that will add value to our country such as Face Recognition System, License Plate Recognition System, Video Analysis System, Medical Imaging Analysis Software.

With the software we have started to develop for the Defense Industry, we are approaching our goal of making its name known worldwide in a short time.

We developed the personnel tracking system with wifi, which we developed for underground mining in 2015, and subsequently the underground fully integrated traffic control system for TÜPRAG EldoradoGold in 2017. The project, which saves time and energy in underground mining , is the first and only project in the world in this field.

In 2019, a contract was signed with TCG ANADOLU, the first domestic ship of our country . The ship's safe areas access system and personnel management system software will be made by our company.

In 2020; The purpose of its establishment is to inform domestic and national companies to encourage production in the defense industry, civil aviation and space sectors, informing about projects, clustering around projects, providing a working environment with the main contractors, ensuring the synchronization of the industry with our universities, dedicating state support to projects, SAHA, which aims to carry out many functions such as bringing in production capabilities that are not in the country but absolutely necessary to the country, collectively supporting the search for foreign markets, providing cooperation, solidarity, working together in system and subsystem projects and sharing information among its members. We joined the Istanbul family.

We added our software to detect retinal diseases in 2018 and to detect lung diseases in 2019 to our Medical Imaging Analysis software, which we started by determining Breast Cancer in 2017.

In 2020, we added our Covid-19 diagnostic module to lung diseases that we detected with lung film. With the lung film, the disease can be detected in as little as 1 second.

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